Scan®4000 - 1


  • 1Scan® colony counters(Scan®4000)
 ReferenceScan® 4000 
CameraUltra HD CCD color camera
LensUltra HD Japanese lens
Digital zoomx 64
Resolution5 megapixels
Counting time1000 colonies per second
Minimum size colony 0.05 mm
LightingWhite LED Dome
Lighting system Automatic : 6 combinations, white lighting
above and/or below, black background
CountingAutomatic with manual control
Round Petri dishes up to ø 150 mm
Square Petri dishes 120 mm
Counting on pour, surface, Spiral®
and circle plated dishes
Counting on chromogenic dishesO
Measurement up to 16 inhibition zonesO
Counting on Petrifi lm™O
Counting on RIDA™ CountO
Counting on Compact Dry™O
Counting on fi ltration membranesO
Automatic detection of paper disks,
agar wells, peni-cylinders
Results/Data exportRecountable Scan® session, PDF
report, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Excel™
Color detection7 colors on the same dish
LIMS/SIL connectionO
USB connectionO
LanguagesEnglish, French, Japanese, Chinese,
Russian, Spanish
Dimensions (w x d x h)47 x 47 x 64 cm
Weight24.4 kg
HardwareStainless steel
Power100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Operating systemsWindows™ 7 or 8 or superior
ProcessorQuad core, Intel i5 or i7
or AMD FX 6000 or superior
EquipmentUSB port / CD-ROM reader
Screen1280 X 1024 pixels and more