Fear condition

Startle and Fear Combined System

The StartFear Combined system is a polyvalent system for conducting both fear conditioning and startle reflex experiments in rodents. 

•Combined system for startle/freezing
•Combined system for rats/mice
•Weight transducer sensitivity optimized for mice
•Easily removable tray
•Different spacial context configurations available for fear conditioning paradigms
•Accurate and traceable data
•One same enclosure for both rat and mouse
•No PCI cards required (USB connection)

  • 1Specifications
Chamber Dimensions250 x 250 x 250(h) mm
Soundproof Box Dimensions  670 x 530 x 550(h) mm
Material Composition Methacrylate, aluminium, stainless steel
Maximum Number of Stations8 stations connected to PC
Sounds Frequency and AmplitudePrepulse/Pulse: adjustable from 200 to 10000 Hz – max120 dB; white noise from 60 to 120 dB
CertificationsCE compliant
Power Supply110V/220V, 50/60Hz

Consist of

  • 1Freezing & STARTLE Threshold Sensor
  • 1Stimuli Interface Unit
  • 1Shock Generator with Scrambler